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01_wolf_is_the_new_the.mp3 2.17 MB

02_panty_party_hand_cramp.mp3 3.54 MB

03_crystal_compass.mp3 4.85 MB

04_shame_on_you_scabs.mp3 2.68 MB

05_desiginer_drugs.mp3 3.73 MB

06_eenie_mianie.mp3 2.45 MB

07_shoreditch_vampire.mp3 2.58 MB

08_dead_diy_die.mp3 1.61 MB

09_monday_tuesday_what_the_fuck.mp3 2.43 MB

10_ferrits_beuller_s_day_off.mp3 3.29 MB

11_pair_of_dice.mp3 2.28 MB

12_unusual_dorsal_features.mp3 5.83 MB

cover.jpeg 159.76 KB


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